Design Tips For Web Designers

Creating a website to establish an online presence is the most elementary step to furthering your business. What most people do not realize is that if your website is not user-friendly, it will do little to help advance your business. To effectively harness the growth potential of the web, follow these usability tips from leading Boston web design firms.

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6 Tips to Prevent Spyware Infection

Spyware has been in most of the talks in the internet when it comes to computer security. Spyware, unlike worms, does not replicate; however, it serves another purpose. Just like other infections, this software might go unnoticed in your PC with little or no evidence at all. One sign of having been infected by spyware is the unwanted pop-up spams on your PC. Many people get this from the software they download or simply by browsing through an infected site. The threat of pop-ups is just the frontline. Working deep within the computer, the spyware does its most notorious job – collecting personal information about the user. Information gathered by this software is sent somewhere in the web and is used for cyber crimes. Before you get to an even worse situation, it is good to start preventing further damage done by spyware by following the steps laid below.

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Why You Should Not Use Free Software

Free computer software is now a popular trend with Internet users. However, experts view these free download offers as potential sources of threat to your computer system. Free software downloads can easily breach your computer security and serve as a back door entry to malicious programs.

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